Q. How does Voyajoy minimize the risk of booking bad guests?

A. We do this on several levels.

At the most basic level, we train our reservationists to look for clear red flags:

  • A guest booking for a group of adults without children.
  • A guest who lives in the same area as your property without a convincing explanation.
  • A guest booking with a credit card with a non-matching name.

We train our reservations team to ask direct questions to these guests to understand the makeup of their group and their intentions for using the home. We do not book any guests who continue to raise suspicion.

In addition, we employ a leading Trust and Safety partner. They provide 2 important functions:

  • Guest Verification – Using each guest’s name and home address, our partner verifies guest identity and checks against 200+ global fraud and crime databases (including money laundering, Interpol and terrorist lists), sex offender lists, and felony records in the United States.
  • Vacation Rental Insurance – For each reservation, Voyajoy charges guests for vacation rental insurance, which covers up to $1 million in damage and liability protection and $10,000 in personal belonging protection for both the owner and the guest.

We disclose in our listings that our Trust and Safety Team performs a guest verification process and all guests are required to provide their home address. This alone often discourages guests who intend to use the home for nefarious purposes.

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