Our story

We love housing and hosting people, and we love real estate. More than four years ago, the cofounders of Voyajoy hosted thousands of guests from all over the world in our homes in Los Angeles. We saw firsthand that homesharing fostered more empathy and more openmindedness that we wanted to make homesharing more prevalent. In order to do so and remove the barriers, we built smart automation and marketing software to make the process easier for property managers, hotel managers and property owners. We believe in building great services and intelligently-designed products that will touch millions of people and their experiences throughout the world.

We are a 500 Startups Batch 16 company and have been featured on TechCrunch and named top 20 fastest growing startups in 500 on Mattermark!

Our team

CEO & Co-Founder
Diana is a Stanford MS in Computer Science and Dartmouth College grad. Consistently Top 5% in sales at Verizon Superpages, Yahoo! Search. Founded SAT prep school for I Have A Dream Foundation and received social gaming app acquisition offers from Zynga and Jam City. Diana enjoys live music, biking, and exploring the city.

Sales Lead & Co-Founder
Wayne has a B.S. in Business Administration at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. He has experience in digital marketing and sales. Wayne enjoys listening to all types of music, producing music, and entrepreneurship.

CTO & Co-Founder
Ivan has a B.S. in Computer Science from Cal. Go Bears! He has 5+ years of experience building cool apps that people use all over the country. He loves dogs and enjoys playing tennis and camping.

Account Director and Marketing
Angie has a B.A. in Government from Harvard University. Managed finances for Mather House, ops at Harvard FAS office of finance. Previously Teach for America alumni, hedge fund investor relations and marketing at Echelon Asset Management. In her free time she enjoys attempting to do Pilates and failing miserably.

Director of Operations and Strategy
Chang has a B.S. in Economics at Stanford University and has 20+ years of operating experience in diverse industries, including hospitality, private equity, telecommunications, and supply chain distribution. Prior to joining Voyajoy, Chang was the COO of RESI Housing, where he ran all day-to-day operations. Chang enjoys traveling the world, playing his guitar, and solving crossword puzzles.

Senior Front-end Developer
Aga's main goal is to create a beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. Aga likes to spend her free time on outdoor activities like riding a bike or sightseeing trips. She won’t say no to a good movie or a detective mystery book when she stays in.

Senior Back-end Developer
He knows everything to know about servers, databases, architecture, and security. He makes sure that your data is safe and the service we are providing works like a charm. After work Sebastian is a loving father of two kids and an active hiker. But when the weather isn’t nice Sebastian likes to take a dive into a fantasy world with a good book or a video game.

Senior Back-end Developer
Gregory has a lot of love to a surrounding world. One thing he does not love is unreliable software so creating a quality code base is not only Gregory's duty but also his passion. After work he enjoys jogging and playing old-school platformers while listening to old-school rock.